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Friday, September 20, 2013

Outfit Log #5: 1995 Boy

Jenn Im of ClothesEncounters had a meetup during New York fashion week and fans were invited to submit photos of outfits they would don and submit it on instagram for a chance to actually meet her. Apparently, the contest winners were random (which is absurd...why should contestants even bother to coordinate an outfit if the judges were not even going to examine the submission and photos stolen off other people's blogs or from store merchandise photos were acceptable? rant session over) so needless to say, I was not chosen to go to the exclusive party. Thankfully, the event organizers acknowledged the complaints of the disgruntled so there was a free meet up in Central Park's Sheep's meadow. I would post an obligatory photo here of the meeting but in the picture, Jenn looks so impeccably put together and so poised that I look dowdy in comparison haha--I'm's my pride that refuses to let me upload the photo. 

(Edit: It was pretty amusing--the John Lennon/Beatle fans that were standing at the "Imagine" memorial were openly staring at our congregation with bemused, puzzled expressions [as if thinking...what could possibly be *more* interesting than the mosaic memorial?]. That said, the meet up was pretty hectic to the point that some girls were actually chasing Jenn around...O.O)

Below is the photo/ outfit I submitted to be considered for the party meetup:
Snapback: Boy London x UO
1995 crop top: Smithson clothing (UO)
Wool high waist skirt: Vintage
Creepers: TUK
As I am looking at these photos...all I can see is that my hand is constantly near my face haha--I was feeling rather self conscious as passerbys kept staring at me holding an impromptu photo shoot
Closeup: Better photograph of my makeup. I really wanted to emphasize the monochromatic theme of the outfit so I [over]drew my eyebrows (making them as dark and full as possible--to the point that it looked natural--not clownlike [I hope...]), used white eyeshadow with dramatic black liner, and left my lips bare.