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Saturday, March 23, 2013

[FANACC] KAT-TUN Encounter

I was meaning to officially start with a more mundane post—something along the lines of “More about me” or an outfit post but then the incredible happened to me yesterday.
 creds to hiphopgeo instagram
Click post title for the entire experience and girlish spazzing

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hello World. 

(Excuse me...this will be a dense post so feel free to skim; I view this blog as a [less personal] journal to exercise my fingers and my mind...)

I suppose introductions are in order; I will be ranting, reminiscing, recounting (whatever word suits your fancy) under the pseudonym Joules. As the blog name suggests, various subjects (people/groups and topic alike) will cameo on this site-- these posts will be about things I am [currently or perennially] obsessed about (or hate); so without further ado, here is a list of my interests:

(1)Kpop. Don't mistake me for one of the new inductees-- I have been a hardcore Kpop inhaling fan since 2007-2008 or so (ah the second coming of the Kpop Golden Age after the 1990s era of H.O.T./ FinKL/ Sechkies/ G.O.D.). Like many others, TVXQ!/DBSK was the group that drew me in and to this day, I remain a steadfast, proud  Cassieopian (this includes being a supporter of both JYJ and DB2K). My favorite groups/solo artist include: DBSK ( no explanation needed/- they reign in the top of any of my lists) INFINITE ( a close second contender for my love of DBSK), BIG BANG (I would not be American if I didn't love this group... It seems as though this is only group that Americans know or are capable of liking) ah well they will never know what they are missing!), SHINee (perhaps the only group I've followed ever since their debut), and Jay Park. Granted, I have way more songs by other Kpop or less mainstream groups but those listed above are the groups that I consistently go back to (waste hours watching subbed reality shows) when I'm depressed or whenever I start feeling disillusioned by all the uninspired pieces released by recent Kpop stars. (I am slowly starting to love B.A.P. , B1A4 and I do listen to Hyori, Rain, Super Junior, Beast, UKiss, 2NE1, LEDApple-- I pay attention to all artists new or old).

(2) Lolita/Alternative Fashion. I adore classic bordering on gothic Lolita fashion and my favorite brands are as follows: Baby, the stars shine bright; Alice as the pirates; Juliette et Justine; Innocent World; and Moi Meme Moite. I was introduced to this fashion after reading Novala Takemoto's Kamikaze Girls (of course... Haha) and just like Momoko, I am obsessed with Vivienne Westwood's rocking hose ballerinas which leads me to my next love... shoes- my personal motto regarding shoes is the higher and crazier, the better. I live in my rhs (alas not from VW-- I have to scrounge up my money to purchase those someday) but I also love Jeffrey Campbell shoes (I have begun a modest collection if you can even call it that) and UNIF shoes.'m a girl, what else is to be expected?

(3) JROCK. Ah...where do I voice fetish (the sweet dulcet tones of the singers--I swoon) or their beauty? No matter...a short and growing list of my JROCK loves include GACKT (of course, he is possibly the fittest man on Earth considering his age); Ruki, Aoi, & Reita (the GazettE); Kanon (An Cafe); Shou (Alice Nine); and  Miyavi. I also listen to L'arc~en~Ciel, SID, Mucc, Girugamesh, Versailles, Nightmare, and Malice Mizer (I do love visual kei--guys in makeup and leather tight clothing...). * NOTE: I do listen to JPOP as well (I was briefly obsessed with KATTUN--and I still faithfully watch every drama with Kame.)

Expect to see DIYs, reviews of products, entries of my travels, ootds, hauls or whatever I feel like sharing with the rest of the world on this blog.
I do hope you stay. 

I hope that I will entertain you (somewhat).

Again, I hope you will stay...

until then...