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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fururun & Usagiyouhinten Reviews

Sooo...I finally got around to writing this post ( I should be doing my school work right now but as usual, good old procrastination intervenes).
The fantastic wardrobe posts on egl in January (There is something delightfully voyeuristic about going through the contents of another's closet--if only virtually and not physically) motivated me to start building up my loli wardrobe--I decided to refrain from making random purchases (oh my goodness, that dress is so cheap! I must have it) only to end up not wearing the impulse buys and focus on hunting down my dream prints (of which I have a whole list). Of course, like any other loli, I lurk on the egl comm sales and various second hand shops hoping to find a good deal so without further ado here is my review of two less well known second hand sites (I feel as though one on the infamous Closetchild is unnecessary--everything is very professional and all items are sent through EMS).

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