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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Outfit Log #1: Baroque Print (Monday)

So begins the weekly breakdown of my outfits--mind you, I don't consider Saturdays or Sundays "days of the week" in that on weekends, I predominantly sloth around the house in pajamas: watching reruns, eating (an ungodly amount of snacks), catching up on new posts on my loooong list of blogs I follow, and take periodic cat naps.
Sweater: Comme des Garcons SHIRT
Blouse: Comme des Garcons x H&M
Print pants: Forever21
Platforms: Jeffrey Campbell (Sound) 
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As the weather continues on its ascent to temperatures of 90+ F, I desperately grasp at chances to wear  long sleeves, sweaters, and blazers (seriously, I despise summer. If only vacations could be designated to the Fall/Winter seasons...the sweltering weather only serves to drain me of my energy--the relentless heat is so mind numbing I can barely accomplish simple moving).

 I apologize for my extremely boxy figure--this is a man's sweater therefore it looks rather ill-fitting and not proportional on my body. However, I do love that the word "ILLUSION" is emblazoned across my chest (it is rather reminiscent of Magritte's "Ceci n'est pas une pipe," no? (or is it just me...).


I also love statement pants and shoes. The eye catching baroque print serves to balance out the otherwise basic, plain tops. The shoes add another (greatly needed) four inches to my extremely short stature. [Unnecessary] Back story (feel free to skip or let your eyes glaze through): I was originally hunting for the JC "Security" ,a hybrid of his infamous Litas and the pair I currently own, after spotting a pair on a street snap on TokyoFashion but I figured these also look like the Deandri Tequilas which I also adore so I settled for this pair.

Do the earrings look familiar? (They are just like the pair G-Dragon wore in his Heartbreaker MV)
The heat is making me drowsy...
Until tomorrow... 

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