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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Outfit Log #2: Neko beanie (Tuesday)

Happy Fourth of July!! (although my neighbors have been letting fireworks off in adjacent streets for the last few weeks already...)
I's crazy...I'm still wearing a jacket` in this weather...and a beanie. It seems that the hotter it gets, the more compelled I am to don autumn clothes.
Plaid uniform dress: Lands End
Camouflage jacket: Bellfield
Biker Boot: Alice+ Olivia x Payless (Madison)
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 On my head is the ubiquitous knit cat ear beanie that was trending on tumblr and all the other Japanese fashion sites.
I personally love mixing prints so a camouflage jacket seemed like a logical choice to put on top of a schoolgirl's uniform. I found this dress at the Goodwill Outlet center where clothes are $1.69 per pound (ridiculously cheap!).

  As usual, I wore some height adding shoes--the Payless and alice+olivia collaboration boots (my sister hates them...she calls them my hooker boots haha) and while I love the bright pink soles, the shoddy workmanship and quality of these shoes would make me reconsider buying them (if I were to go back in time that is). The first day I wore these shoes, the heel cracked away from the rest of the shoe (the foot holder...?) and a few stumbles (I concede, I am rather clumsy) left the bottom half area of the leatherette boots all scuffed and grungy. That said, I still adore the buckles, straps, and the oddly shaped toe box.

Aside from the neko hat is my cherished Juicy necklace--this was the first "expensive" necklace that I painstakingly saved up for during my teenybopper days. I still love this necklace in all its chunky, gold, almost-choker length glory (the J charm only adds onto its appeal).

Perhaps, I will finally feel like wearing something more weather appropriate tomorrow...
Until then...

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